This is the philosophy blog of Morgan Laco.

Principles of the Blog

I intend to express what I find to be true, based on reason and evidence. Though I will not explicitly label my claims as my beliefs (in the Bayesian sense), please understand them as such. If I say “it is”, understand that I mean “I believe that it is”.

I don’t intend to portray the ideas I write about as novel or original to me; my goal is to express ideas in my own way.

I may describe hypothetical ideas for which I do not have sufficient reason and evidence to believe, but I will clearly disclaim that that is what I am doing.

I will be glad to hear arguments contrary to my beliefs, provided that they are likewise supported by reason and evidence. I will also be glad to be told of legitimate errors in my own reason and evidence.

I will make a sincere effort to observe these principles. If I do not change my beliefs in response to an argument, it is because I do not see the argument as valid, not because I am dogmatically attached to my ideas. At least, that is how I intend to be.